Moderna Lift to Sift Cat Litter Tray Gray + Lemon Yellow (57 X 43 X 27 cm),


Lift to Sift Jumbo

The ultimate tray for litter efficiency, clean in seconds with minimum waste

  • Available in different sizes for every breed
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water
  • Premium quality plastic for long lasting use
  • Two trays and a sift to create a rotational cleaning system
  • Takes seconds to clean for a fresh, odor-free litter box
  • Requires no scoop or liner bags
  • Solid one piece trays to avoid leakage
  • High sides helps prevent litter scatter

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Moderna Cat litter Box




Moderna Cat litter Box

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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 60 × 25 × 18 cm


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